Apparently because my love for all things cute and furry is not shared with those to whom I am most intimate with, I have to start a blog dedicated to… animals-and by animals I really mean cats and dogs. My latest lifelong dream is to eventually live in a huge ass house with many cats and dogs. Does this make me some sort of animal hoarder or cat lady? Why yes it does. Am I ashamed of this? Fuck no. Cats and dogs are fucking cute and I am on a one woman campaign to inflict their cuteness on to anyone. You are Welcome.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Whatev NYC- ChiTown totally rocks the hipster pubs way more!

They don't even look like hipsters!

Let me show you how its done assholes.

Stella prefers only vintage cigars from Cuba and thinks it taste better when she wears her smoking jacket. Sofia is trying to bring diapers back in style by telling everyone who will listen that diapers "are like so convenient".

Irwin Peppermint aka Pillow Paws, thinks Beirut’s new album is too mainstream therefore refuses to listen to it anymore ever though he brought their latest LP at their last show.

Of course it is not that my babies are even remotely anything like hipsters....

What happened to Sofia?

Many of you might think I have been neglecting Sofia a lot in this blog of late. I have, but not without good reason. My dearest little imp from hell has been deathly sick over the last months.  She’s not dead, worry you not, but she was near death for a bit. Sofia has dropped from a robust 24 pounds to 12. Now she’s at a lithe 13.7ish pounds. Who knew that death could be such a fantastic diet plan! Meanwhile, Irwin and I are sturdy like linebackers; Irwin is an impressive 19.5 pounds. Anyhow, I digress. This post is about Sofia, not me or Irwin.  


So the vets and her grandpa think she might have either Addision’s disease or IBS, therefore she is on steroids. Man, I thought puke fest 2011 was bad, until we had diarrhea fest 2011 that seemed like it was never going to end. The bathroom became everyone’s toilet and this did not a good time make. Then Sofia stopped EATING and HARASSING Irwin! Her two favorite things in the whole wide world! We knew something was seriously wrong. All I can say is THANK GOD for steroids. Sofia is pooping like a champ and eating with her usual vigor. I never would have thought that I would miss picking up actual lumps of poop! Seriously, when it's diarrhea all the time, seeing a solid poop for the first time in MONTHS was like the best moment of my life. Forget getting engaged, graduating college twice, winning the Olympics: picking up solid poop = BEST MOMENT OF MY GOD DAMN LIFE!  
Another before

Yay, Sofia is much better! However, things are not all cupcakes and sunshine. Now instead of shitting everywhere, she is peeing everywhere. Le. Sigh. I think I must have invested in a lifelong supply of puppy pads; she is like an unstoppable piss machine. I guess it is a major step up from an unstoppable diarrhea machine, but it still sucks. The bathroom now smells like urine all the time. For awhile she had a bladder infection and she was drinking like a horse, but now she is all clear from infection. At this point, I no longer know if she is just being lazy and thinks she is a person so she can now pee in the bathroom, or if she still can’t hold it. I really miss the days of having a pee free house… Luckily we have found a solution that seem to get rid of the pee scent for the most part and also gives me less cleaning to do. Of course S.O. has been advocating this item for the longest and I just didn’t believe it would actually work. I mean, who would think that DIAPERS would help the pee machine leave less messes in the house? I certainly didn’t. It is not a perfect solution and I still worry that keeping a diaper on that is full will lead to more infections, but it is helping for now.

Sofia modelling the lastest diaper fashion.

Where's Marco?