Apparently because my love for all things cute and furry is not shared with those to whom I am most intimate with, I have to start a blog dedicated to… animals-and by animals I really mean cats and dogs. My latest lifelong dream is to eventually live in a huge ass house with many cats and dogs. Does this make me some sort of animal hoarder or cat lady? Why yes it does. Am I ashamed of this? Fuck no. Cats and dogs are fucking cute and I am on a one woman campaign to inflict their cuteness on to anyone. You are Welcome.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The big guy

In the past I have defended Irwin's size. He is not fat, he is just a big boy. However, lately even I can not shy away from the fact that he is enormous. Maybe it is because Sofia is getting tiny, but Irwin looks like he has eaten another cat. The bf has finally given up on complaining about Irwin's potions and has now decided we need to make Irwin the fattest cat ever. This is not a plan I agree with. The problem is Irwin notices when I give him less food and then he starts to whine and whine a lot, so I always end up giving him more food then needed. He is such a good looking guy, but really don't want him to have health troubles in the future. He is going to be turning 6 next month, so Irwin is no longer a young guy. Well, at least he is happy and can get on his food table. Sigh. Irwin and his momma are so much alike in some ways.

Irwin, his food table, and his sweater


  1. Who else wants to see Irwin become the biggest cat in the world? I, for one, believe in him!

  2. Aw, I love big kittehs. I like when you pick them up and their fat drips over the side of your forearm like a blanket.