Apparently because my love for all things cute and furry is not shared with those to whom I am most intimate with, I have to start a blog dedicated to… animals-and by animals I really mean cats and dogs. My latest lifelong dream is to eventually live in a huge ass house with many cats and dogs. Does this make me some sort of animal hoarder or cat lady? Why yes it does. Am I ashamed of this? Fuck no. Cats and dogs are fucking cute and I am on a one woman campaign to inflict their cuteness on to anyone. You are Welcome.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Campaign to Put Clothes on Animals

Ok guys, this is an extremely important cause. As a lover of animals, I feel it is of the utter most importance to make sure our children are appropriately clothe.  First of all if they are walking around naked, crazy people could come up to them and do crazy things to them.  What those crazy things are, I am not sure, but I am sure they would do said crazy things.  Secondly, they just act better with clothes on.  They act dignified.  Case in point, Stella a 1 year old German Shepard and Collie mix usually act like a nutty beast, jumping around like mad,  using people's hands are chew toys, etc.  However, when she has he smoking jacket on...magic!  Suddenly she is ready to have tea with the Queen of England.

Stella before  clothes (notice the craziness):

Stella with clothes on:
Lady Stella in her smoking jacket:

Stella ready for the cruel Chicago Winter:


  1. In the video Stella looks full of life and vigor. However, when you see that first picture her eyes are clearly screaming "please kill me and put me out of my misery." Let me qualify my comments by disclosing my affiliation with the Society against animal cruelty via clothing torture.


  2. Shawn, Shawn how wrong you are! Clearly you are mistaking vigor with happiness, when in fact, Stella is just acting crazy. In her smoking jacket, she plainly is ready to have a civilized conversation about squirrels and smoke a Cuban. Obviously that is progress.

  3. Clearly this is not a fair comparison. How do I know she wasn't posing in those bottom pictures for a treat or something. A crazy video and still photos don't capture the reality of things. Pls film her in her clothes and then maybe I will believe she is ready to have a conversation with squirls.