Apparently because my love for all things cute and furry is not shared with those to whom I am most intimate with, I have to start a blog dedicated to… animals-and by animals I really mean cats and dogs. My latest lifelong dream is to eventually live in a huge ass house with many cats and dogs. Does this make me some sort of animal hoarder or cat lady? Why yes it does. Am I ashamed of this? Fuck no. Cats and dogs are fucking cute and I am on a one woman campaign to inflict their cuteness on to anyone. You are Welcome.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Sofia vs the Raincoat

Sofia does not like water. She does not like rain.  Therefore, when it rains and she needs her walk, obviously she wears her raincoat.  Sofia is a fan of clothes and such and I know this because she told me.  She’s a pretty fashionable gal, not because she has good fashion choices, but because I do.  Anyhow back to the raincoat… Well, I bought her a raincoat on-line that turned out to be way too big and even though I made alterations, Sofia still had trouble walking in it.  Well, not so much walking as waddling in it.  This certainly made no sense because there is no reason for her to run or waddle in the rain when she has a raincoat on and clearly running/waddling causes her to trip on herself.  Nevertheless, she is determined/stubborn so trip she will.

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